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10.000 Like su Facebook, Thank you all!

And’ with great satisfaction that we inform you that at this time the official page of the Restaurant "Il Terrazzino” He has reached and exceeded 10 000 "I like it".

We would like to thank, one by one, for your support and for your passion.

A magnificent achievement day by day thanks to the estimation of many people.

In recent years we have wanted to tell you a little’ our, our history, of our employees and what happens behind the scenes. On our page we devote large space also Matera, immortalized in every garment and in all seasons, events that take place in the city and to all that magnificent is happening in recent years.

Analyzing the data of our page, the thing that surprises us, It is the diversity of our followers, of all ages and from all over the World. We like to think that some of them, through our stories and shots, They feel closer to their homeland.

This is just one of many milestones, achieved thanks to your estimate that always encourages us to do better to celebrate new targets together.

Thank you so much

For more information on the Facebook pages of the Deck

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