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Terms of Service

This document lists the Terms of Use Site, in ownership of New Deck Ltd., Vico San Giuseppe, 7, conditions which must be followed by all persons who intend to navigate on the same.
Access to site and at every activity that implies the navigation on the web pages, constitute acceptance of the Terms and, precisely in order to take cognizance of the same users of the Site, placed a special link on the home page, and other internal pages of the Site allows access to this document. In case you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, it is sufficient that you refrain from navigating the pages of the Site.
In addition to the above, anyone who accesses the site implicitly declares to be of age and not to use the Website and the materials on it for unlawful purposes or otherwise contrary to the laws in force.
The restaurant "The Deck” We reserve the right to change the Terms at any time, without notice to users and understanding the burden of them to view them periodically before accessing the contents of the Site.
If within the website pages are offered products and services that are subject to specific conditions specified elsewhere in these pages, the same will prevail over this document if any discrepancies, inconsistencies and / or diversity.

Site Content

The restaurant "The Deck” It intends to offer, through the pages of the site, general information in relation to his business and to that of other companies, although such information is constantly verified and updated by competent, specially selected, it is understood that the content of the same, with reference to the subject matter, should not be considered neither exhaustive nor complete or otherwise properly. Therefore, the user intends to rely on the information contained on the Site should play an additional and independent verification of the correctness of the same.
The site can be inserted links to third party sites linked to both, that of other companies in the restaurant "The Balcony". In the first case, hyperlinks have the sole function of facilitating user navigation without there being any relationship between the content of the site "The Deck” and that of the third reached site, which is foreign to the scope of the restaurant "The Balcony".
Also, the restaurant "Il Terrazzino” informs that it does not affect in any way the structure of the third party sites linked to its own or on the authenticity, correctness and appropriateness of materials and / or information contained therein, and that even where there are contractual relations between the restaurant "Il Terrazzino” and the third holder of the recipient site link. In the second case, are considered fully effective and binding to these Conditions, with the express caveat that, when they reached the present site specific conditions of use in relation to goods or services offered, the latter are considered prevalent in this document.

Industrial and intellectual property rights

All contents of site are protected and safeguarded by current rules on copyright and industrial property and / or intellectual. By way of example, but not limited to, for the content of the Site shall be construed, inter alia:

• texts;
• photographs;
• movies;
• databases;
• Graphs and tables;
• gli slogans;
• Audio reproductions;
• the cartoons or not;
• Any other graphic and / or text in general.

Therefore, you can copy and / or reproduce in whole or in part the content of the Site without the express authorization of the restaurant "The Balcony".
At the same time, please note that all brands, domain names, company names, companies and signs on the Site are owned by companies that are part of "The Deck” and thus protected by current legislation on brands. It is strictly forbidden and reproduction in any form or manner without the express authorization of the restaurant "The Balcony", as it has also prohibited the registration of names "Il Terrazzino” under any top level domain.
Finally the restaurant "Il Terrazzino” It announces that it is absolutely forbidden to use all the distinctive signs of the restaurant "The Deck", ie as a command of language which, while not implying the html viewing or formatting a certain command in all cases give instructions to electronic agents or search engines to increase the availability of a site other than those attributable to the restaurant "The Balcony".