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our dishes

The Deck pays particular attention to the quality and origin of its products, all in km 0, to always offer a high quality product while preserving the culinary traditions of Matera and Basilicata.

Below is a selection of some dishes that you can taste in our local.

Appetizers & Snacks

Mixed Vegetables
mixed vegetables in a dish
Style Local
Pecorino cheese in a dish
Salami seasoned
Salami cut into a plate of clay
Dried Tomatoes
earthenware bowl with inside sun-dried tomatoes
Wild onions in oil
Dried peppers cruschi
cruschi dried peppers in a dish
Small burrate within a plate
Three ricotta in a bowl
Mozzarella in a terra cotta dish

First Courses & Soups

Orecchiette Tegamino
Orecchiette in a clay pot
Olive Leaves
Green pasta with over the strong cacioricotta
Orecchiette and Rape
Fresh pasta with turnips, Bari
Cavatelli pom. and cheese
Cavatelli (pasta with four fingers) with cherry tomatoes and cacioricotta
Cavatelli with mushrooms
Cavatelli with ham and cheese
Pure of beans and chicory
Mashed fava beans with chicory field
"The Ciallè–dd”
typical of the culinary tradition of Matera soup
Wheat and chickpea
Mistre typical of Matera tradition with chickpeas and wheat
Corn and mushrooms
Soup with corn and mushrooms

Main Courses

Roulades of lamb entrails
Pork sausage
of fennel pork sausage
Roasted Lamb
Legs and ribs of lamb
Smoked cheese and sausage
Smoked cheese and roasted grilled sausage


typical sweets
typical sweets made from almonds
typically made from sweet home
sweet of home
Piece of pie
Truffle Hazelnut
Truffle ice cream
Truffle with pistachio
Truffle pistachio
Truffle with rum
Truffle with chocolate and rum made the old fashioned way