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The live nativity scene, the Mater 2019-2020

The Living Nativity the Matera is now in its Tenth Edition. The Sacred-Christmas edition theatrical representation 2019/2020 It will be called "All in that moment".

The Living Nativity Sassi has become over the years the flagship event of the Christmas season in the city of Matera.

The lights of Sassi, at sunset, slowly light up making the picturesque scenery and one of a kind. In the period Christmassy everything is amplified with the extraordinary performances of the scenes narrated in the Bible.

I listed have charmed thousands of visitors over the last few years, allowing to collect an unprecedented success both nationally and internationally; not surprisingly, the Living Nativity of Matera entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Nowadays it is known only the dates provided by the offcial website of the cultural association, for details (schedules and costs) You will have to wait.

The dates are as follows:
7-8 December 2019
14-15 December 2019
21-22 December 2019
27-28-29 December 2019

The day 19 December 2019, and all week, It will host the closing ceremony of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019. It is logical to think that the issue of Living Nativity 2019-2020 It is designed and structured to act as a fly, and be an active part, in the event of closure of Matera 2019.

All that remains is to wait for official announcements by the municipality of Matera, all updates on this will be available on this page.

Poster Living Nativity Matera 2019-2020

The sand nativity in Jesolo, the Matera

There will also be a little’ Jesolo at Christmas 2019 Matera. Jesolo Sand Nativity 2019 will enrich the program of events of the city of stones over the Christmas period.

The artisans Jesolo, in fact, They were invited by the cultural Matera Convention Bureau, which organizes the ten years Living Nativity, the Matera, to realize the sand nativity jesolano everything in the city of Matera.

The low relief that will be developed in the coming weeks theme will be the birth of Jesus and will be one of the finest pieces of exposure now in its third edition "National exhibition of nativity scenes in Italy” staged in the venue of Hospital San
Rocco, in Matera's historic.

For more information and reservations of Matera Living Nativity
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