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Dreamland 2018

Saturday 29 September 2018 from 22 starting from Piazza Vittorio Veneto in Matera is Dreamland program, a dreamlike journey in the two Sassi, Matera Basilicata2019-sponsored by the Foundation with the artistic direction of Paul Irene.
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35 Deck years

9 October 2017 - The restaurant "The Balcony" fulfilled today 35 years of activity. It was far away 1982 when Umberto Giasi, Eustace Persia and Iolanda Celani, already time to managers of "The Nugget", They decided to open the first restaurant in the Sassi of Matera, gli stessi rioni definiti solo qualche anno prima “Vergogna d’Italia”.
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The white night in Matera

Friday 9 September 2016 Matera will host the White Night - White cultural street, an event that combines the music of local bands who will perform, culture through the exhibition "Fragments Matera", solidarity with spaces dedicated to raising funds for areas of central Italy, and food and wine Lucan.
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Poster Extensive Materadio 2016

Materadio 2016, the festival of Radio 3

They will be the Sassi of Matera to host, from 23 to the 25 September 2016, for the sixth time the event Materadio, the festival of Radio 3. The theme of Materadio 2016 It is the Utopia, to coincide with the anniversary of 500 years on the book by Thomas More, writer, English politician and humanist who invented this term and even the image.
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Beats live matera

14 August – beats Live 2016

beats Live, the largest music event in South Italy license plate Radionorba, arrives in Matera 14 August 2016 for an evening of entertainment, of fun and of course good music. The location will be that of Piazza Matteotti that will accompany the extraordinary scenery of the Matera Sassi.
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