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La Festa della Bruna at Christmas

The first exhibition in Matera Chariot of Bruna 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy has been a great success, enshrining in fact an extension of Matera's patron saint so loved by foreigners and Matera. In the wake of this new way to experience the festival in honor of Maria SS. Bruna of the upcoming festive season will see the birth of a new event "Festival of Christmas Bruna".
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Living Nativity Matera 2017-2018

At dusk the ancient district of Matera, the famous Sassi, resemble a crib in the open air thanks to the particular conformation of the territory, the lodges (the one above the other) and their multitude of lights.
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Christmas markets 2017

Among the initiatives promoted by the CNA Matera at Christmas time 2017 There will be the preparation of the Christmas Markets in the streets of the city center, the way of nightlife Matera: Via Ridola. A short walk from Caveoso will present some twenty locations where you can taste and buy the best artisan food and wine from Basilicata and neighboring regions.
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Opening Christmas Calendar 2017

Il Ristorante Il Terrazzino informa i suoi clienti che durante il periodo natalizio ci saranno dei giorni di riposo straordinario per permettere a tutto lo staff di godere di questi giorni di festa.
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Table with glasses and Christmas decorations

Christmas lunch 2017

The Patio for Christmas lunch 2017 propone un Menu Fisso ideale per chi vuole trascorrere questo magico giorno nel fantastico scenario dei Sassi di Matera, tasting typical dishes of the tradition of Matera.
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