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New Year Rai 1 Matera

Rai 1 It chose Matera as the location of the traditional transmission’Coming year, which for decades held company with millions of Italians during the last hours of the past year.

In the central Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 50m from our restaurant, artists will take turns national and international, that will toast with the thousands of people waited in the square and millions of viewers who choose Rai 1 to greet the old year.

Most likely this event will repeat itself until the 2019, year in which the city of Sassi will European Capital of Culture.

As reported on the official site Rai – The coming year The run will be entrusted to Claudio Lippi, Amadeus and Rocco Papaleo.

Also featured will be Renzo Arbore with L’Italian Orchestra, Antonello Venditti, and again, Francesco Renga, Malika Ayane, Marco Machine, Noemi, Paul Young and many more.

In addition there will be some of the most famous young Talent show: Giada Agasucci, Vincenzo Capua, , Greta Manuzzi and David Mogavero.

Matera on stage will perform the stars of "That and Which": Massimo Lopez, bianca guaccero, Alessandro Greek, Roberta Giarrusso and Silvia Salemi.

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