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Materadio 2018 - The Rai Festival Radio 3

From 21 to the 23 September 2018 will return to the European Capital of Culture, Matera, the appointment with Materadio2018. The festival of Rai Radio 3 co-produced by the foundation-Matera Basilicata 2019 which this year reaches its eighth edition, dedicating a deepening the relationship Global-Local and the risks and opportunities of the local and global combination. These issues will be addressed by eminent guests, the Premio Strega Helena Janeczek, the Pulitzer Prize and the Prix Goncourt Jhumpa Lahiri Tahar Ben Jelloun but also an author of great commercial success but also great sensitivity political and social as Gianrico Carofiglio. Among the guests also the anthropologist Marco Aime and geneticist Guido Barbujani.

The Red thread this year that links the various events will be entrusted to the writer Nicholas Lagioia with "The Devil and hardware, Lucano a marriage ", a balanced story between Lucania and Argentina read and interpreted by Tommaso Ragno, with soundtracks Matera Electric. Do not miss appointments with the theater that this year will bring to the stage of Materadio Anna Foglietta with "The stories of the Decameron", Silvio Orlando with a show based on the novel by Romain Gary "The Life Before Us", Davide Enia with the premiere show "The Abyss". Guests will be the writer and the actor Gianrico Carofiglio Valerio Mastandrea microphones Hollywood Party and scientists Sandra Lucio and Sandra Lucente.

This year as part of Materadio will be in Matera in the media center in Piazza Vittorio Veneto and Materadio Village in Piazza San Francesco, Rai project Open doors.

The edition 2018 It will pay tribute to two personalities of culture recently disappeared, that the theme of the connection between local and global, has dedicated most of their work, Antonio Infantino and Alessandro Leogrande.

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