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Reopen the Matera Cathedral

The cathedral with the moon

The Cathedral of Matera It will reopen to the public after the restoration work lasted 13 years. The beautiful mother church, in Romanesque style dating from the thirteenth century, was closed due to small collapses occurred in 2003. It will be the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin to open the the door of mercy the Cathedral and then preside over the rite of the dedication of the new altar and the eucharistic celebration.

The reopening of the program will be the following:

Friday 26 February 2016 at 17.00 some memebri the diocese will present to the authorities, the press and the community the restoration of the Cathedral of Matera.

Saturday 27 February 2016 and Sunday 28 February 2016 from 9.00 all 19.00 the community can visit the Matera Cathedral.

Saturday 5 March 2016 at 17.00 there will be the official reopening to the cult of Matera Cathedral.

Below is the full program of reopening

Photo Gallery - Cathedral of Matera

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