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La Festa della Bruna at Christmas

The first exhibition in the Matera Chariot of Bruna of 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy has been a great success, enshrining in fact an extension of Matera's patron saint so loved by foreigners and Matera. In the wake of this new way to experience the festival in honor of Maria SS. Bruna of the upcoming festive season will see the birth of a new event “La Festa della Bruna at Christmas".

A crib papier-mâché, the same material used for the construction of the chariot, It will be realized by the artist materano Andrea Samson and placed on the "Massif Skeleton". The art work in papier mache will be composed of seven life-sized statues that recreate the nativity and the arrival of the Three Kings. They will also be exposed friezes and statue triumphal chariot "bargain” over the years to revive the Festival of Matera at Christmas.

The papier-mâché nativity scene will be exhibited at the Fabbrica del Carro, in vico Marconi, from 16:00 on Thursday 7 December 2017, inauguration day, until the 14 January 2018. You can visit the art work on weekdays in the afternoon.

The commemoration of the patron will happen even with the dela wagon parade with statues of papier-mâché nativity through the streets in the following sessions, which may be subject to variations depending on the meteorological conditions:
• Sunday Morning 17 December 2017 – Immaculate Conception Church and Piazza Vittorio Veneto;
• Thursday Morning 21 December 2017 – Serra Friday and Church of Our;
• Thursday Morning 28 December 2017 – Rione Agna, Church of St. Agnes, Rione work, Church of St. Anthony and Viale della Quercia.

This program could be extensions to allow multiple districts to host the work of art.

The following words of the artist Andrea Samson on the presentation of the event

I make some clarifications about the initiative of the crib papier-mâché. The idea was born this summer, soon after 2 July. In 2013 I realized 2 Nativity papier-mâché with life-size statues and exposed at the time a collaboration with CNA and one in front of the Chamber of Commerce.
The idea was to add other statues each year to increase the number of characters in the crib, but this idea for various reasons had not yet been implemented, rather. Recovering the Nativity stored in the warehouses of the Chamber of Commerce decided to carry 3 Re Magi ( to be honest are still being processed) to add to the "central nucleus", then comparing them with different people or associations have decided to organize together with the Association of Mary Brown this event using the new Fabbrica del Carro and the Massif skeleton to create a "traveling crib” it reached the suburbs or several districts of the city. The route has been determined at the time could be changed, at least I hope, expanding reached areas. They state that massive skeleton will be placed on the "core” central (Madonna, St. Joseph, Cradle with Baby Jesus and an angel) ed i 3 Re Magi, with the intent to bring the message of Christ's birth to the whole Matera area. Inside the wagon factory, the representation of the crib will be enriched with the inclusion of a series of statues of my previous wagons, statues are preserved with respect and devotion by all the stormtroopers: a San Pietro, an angel, the well, palm and other elements and statues will return to have a second life in this context, with a different but vital role in this representation imagine the fanciful idea of ​​many "friends” paper mache located in many parts of the city, who meet after a long time to welcome the coming of Christ.. It will not be the "My” Nativity but a composition that many will help to achieve… l'idea, let this clarification, it's mine.
the construction will be about all, Solid skeleton including!
For the assault would say that at Christmas you can also avoid!

Below the Nativity paper mache a few years ago by the artist Andrea Samson

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