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Passport 2019

By now we, the 2019
It has arrived. From 2014, the year when Matera was declared European Capital of Culture, whole community awaits this historic event.

The program year for Matera 2019 is dense and has more than 300 between shows, symposium, cultural events and traveling exhibitions, of which eighty percent world exclusive Matera.

Untangling between all events can become expensive and complicated, for this the foundation Matera 2019 It launched passport "Temponauta”. At the cost of 19 Euro with reduced rates for Lucan, groups and students will have access to all events organized in 2019 Matera.

With a single document, the passport 2019, you can participate in all events becoming a "Temponauta"; namely a temporary inhabitant and traveler, that is, one who travels through time and to discover and feel the’soul of places, living spaces and deepens with curiosity and desire for knowledge. In "Temponauta” Central is the portrait, the face that becomes extraordinary element of communication, wearing glasses steampunk where experiences are reflected and Lucan landscapes while wondering about how it would be the past if the future had arrived before.

Tickets are already on sale and are provided benefits:
• 15 EUR to groups (minimum 15 people);
• 12 euro for Residents in Basilicata;
• 5 EUR to boys come on 6 to 18 years;
• 5 euro for students schools;
• free for children as far as 5 years;
• benefits for Disabled.

To see the complete rules is you should visit the website of the Foundation (

The precise foundation for some of Matera events 2019 You will be required booking, available from December for the first months of appointments 2019 and then gradually throughout the year.

The passport 2019, purchased online, It will be distributed in paper form from 7 January 2019 at the information of Matera.

In addition to the rights under the "Passport", the temponauta must bring with himself a book in 2019 to bequeath to future citizens who will enliven the city and that will enrich the community the library at the "Open Culture Festival".

Currently the only way to buy is through passport:
• Matera the official website 2019,, in the "ticket";
• TicketOne circuit, Online and service outlets.

For more information on Passport 2019

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