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mixed vegetables in a dish
Sliced ​​mixed
Dish with ham and salami capocollo
£ dishes with Italian appetizer content
Prosciutto and melon
Two plates one with the yellow melon and the other with the ham
Mixed dishes with the contents appetizer homemade
Three plates with the content typical appetizer

First Courses

Orecchiette Tegamino
Orecchiette in a clay pot
Cavatelli with mushrooms
Cavatelli with ham and cheese
Cavatelli integrals
Cavatelli (pasta with four fingers) with cherry tomatoes and cacioricotta
Olive leaves
Green pasta with over the strong cacioricotta
Penne pasta with arrabbiata sauce
Pasta with spicy tomato
Orecchiette with tomato sauce
Orecchiette with tomato harvest in a terra cotta dish
Orecchiette and turnip
Fresh pasta with turnips, Bari

Typical soups

`` The Ciallè - d d``
typical of the culinary tradition of Matera soup
Mashed fava beans and chicory
Mashed fava beans with chicory field
Wheat and chickpea
Hot soup with wheat chickpeas
Corn and mushrooms
Soup with corn and mushrooms

Seconds - Meat

Roasted Lamb
Legs and ribs of lamb
Pork sausage roast
of fennel pork sausage
Roulades of lamb entrails
Pork chops
Plate with a rib of pork and side dishes of tomatoes and arugula
Pork chops and sausage
Dish with pork rib and sausage
Pork chops and turnips
Rib maiele on the bed of turnips
Veal chop
Plate with a rib of veal
Veal steak

Seconds - Fish

Fish fry
Various types of fish placed in a dish
Sea bass or sea bream
bream with olives
Roasted shrimp
Shrimp with a bit of side dishes at the center
Scampi Roast
roasted scampi with a side dish
Cuttlefish roast
Cuttlefish cooked on the plate
Mixed Grill
A variety of grilled fish
Cod and peppers cruschi
Baccalà fried and fried cruschi
Salt cod home
Sauce with salt cod


Mixed salad
Iceberg lettuce radicchio and arugula
red tomatoes cn oil and oregano
Dried peppers cruschi
cruschi dried peppers in a dish
French fries
French fries in a dish
Vegetables of different varieties within a plate
Cooked vegetables
Dish with cooked vegetables sauteed
Wild onions and dried tomatoes
dish with half dried tomatoes and half lampascioni


Bread with cherry tomatoes over
Bruschetta caprese
Bread and cherry tomatoes over mozzarela
Patata max
French fries in a larger portion
Tomato and mozzarella
Insalatona of inceberg and other ingredients


Mozzarella in a terra cotta dish
Local pecorino
of pecorino cheese strips
Two forms of ricotta
Two pieces of small barratine
Scamorza roast
three slices of smoked cheese made on the plate
Smoked cheese and sausage
Smoked cheese and roasted grilled sausage


typically made from sweet home
Chocolate truffle with rum
Truffle with chocolate and rum made the old fashioned way
Truffle Hazelnut
Truffle ice cream
Truffle with pistachio
Truffle pistachio
Typical sweets
typical sweets made from almonds
Sweet home
Piece of pie
White or black truffle
white truffle form
Fruits of the Season
A mixed seasonal fruit basket
Lemon sorbet
Cup of lemon sorbet ice cream
Ice cream tiramisu
Bowl of homemade tiramisu gelato