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Living Nativity in the Sassi 2016 - Praised It

The live nativity scene of Matera now in its seventh edition. Will again be the Sassi of Matera, the ancient district of the city, as a backdrop to the Christmas event most anticipated. I Sassi, reminiscent of the territory of the Nativity, and extras from all over Italy recount scenes of the Gospel and of the Nativity of Jesus.

The title of the week's edition of the nativity scene of Matera is “Praised It” and will take place according to the following sessions:

• from Thursday 8 December 2016 see you on Sunday 11 December 2016;
• Saturday 17 December 2016 and Sunday 18 December 2016;
• since Friday 6 January 2017 see you on Sunday 8 January 2017.

Will be eight scenes of ancient Jerusalem and of Nativity of Jesus to be represented: the Annunciation, the market, the Sanhedrin, the Court of Herod, the Roman camp, Domus Romana with the Rite of Marriage, Pastors and Campesino and finally the Nativity with the Magi). It will be the stunning scenery of Sassi to host the path, which will present the preparations and set designs that evoke the great film Kolossal, to create a traveling theater show along the ancient neighborhoods of Matera district. professional actors, extras, Acting schools of Rionero in Vulture, Avigliano and Bari will make even more realistic scenes of ancient Jerusalem. The re-enactment of the Galilee 2000 years ago, It will be ensured by the presence of Gruppo Storico Romano. The crib will be paid in the form of a guided tour.

Praised Be The crib will follow the following schedule:
• Opening ore 14:00
• closing ore 20:00

You can make several tours:
• Piazza Seat;
• Piazza Pascoli;
• Piazza Duomo.

The price of the ticket is € 8,00 to person.

For info and reservations contact numbers:
Or send email:

For more information about the nativity scene of Matera

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