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The cellars of the terrace: A JUMP IN THE PAST

Parts of the cellar with sets of cave dwelling Matera

The Deck wants to offer its guests not only a tasty culinary experience, Also a trip to the cultural traditions Sassi. Our rooms are divided into large spaces: rooms with high arches, caves, tunnels and a suggestive cellar 1600, entirely carved by hand in the tuff.

We set up our cellar stocked with utensils and furniture of the rural culture of Matera. On the one hand they retrace scenes from daily life in a typical cave dwelling Sassi. On the other we wanted to take the moments of leisure in Ciddari. The ciddari are can be compared to the existing pub. In these places they spent their after-hours drinking good wine and meat purchased from the nearby street of Beccherie, the street of butchers. The guests sat on long benches, now exhibited in in our cellars, so as to create large tables with people that sometimes you barely knew.

In the area dedicated to you you can find the cave dwelling cuisine Matera and the table where many inhabitants of a single unit consumed their daily meals. The particularity, echoed in our preparations, It is the largest single dish from which you ate all the family. Also one can find the old bathroom of Sassi which consisted of a container, the "photomontages”. Finally shows the old "living room” the cave dwelling. It consisted of a tool made in the middle of four to five wood powered benches that guaranteed heat in the coldest months of the year.

Below is a selection of photos from our cellar that you can visit free Also by going to our restaurant Il Terrazzino.

Photo Gallery - The canteen

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