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Poster for the Festa della Bruna 2015

Festa della Bruna 2015

Poster for the Festa della Bruna 2015

Tensions are rising in the city for the feast of its patron saint, SS Maria della Bruna, now in its edition 626sima. New attractions and many events all to follow with interest to live by true materano the whole party that culminates 2 July.

The big news this year represented by the return of the ancient Sassi “pastoral procession". also from 24 June you can visit the gallery, staged in the Wagon Factory, Wagons on the history of triumphal.

Great importance and attention has been given to Car Trionfale, all lights, to fireworks and ride.

To find out more about the festival in honor of Maria SS della Bruna follow the next page The Patron Saint

Below the program Bruna of the festival 2 July, for the full program follow the link below.

Thursday 2 July "Festa” of Mary. Bruna
ore 5.00
St. Francis of Assisi
Celebration of Holy Mass
At the end: Diana with throwing bombs from Murgia Timone

ore 6.15
"Shepherds' Procession” with the picture of Mary. Bruna, accompanied by low-Music city of Molfetta and Concert Band City of Matera with the following route:
Via San Francesco, Via Ridola, Vico New Homes (Prayer Stop), Via E. Duni, Via Lucana, (pause for prayer), Via Ridola, Via Casalnuovo, via B. Buozzi, Piazza S. Pietro Caveoso (Prayer Stop), Via Madonna of the Virtues, Via S. Antonio Abate, Via D’Addozio (St. Augustine Church – stop praying), Via Pentasuglia, Via T. Rate, Via Kittens, Via Cererie (pause for prayer), Piazza Marconi, Via Marconi (Madonnina, pause for prayer), Via Annunziatella, Via XX Settembre

ore 9.00
Church of San Francesco da Paola . Celebration of Holy Mass.
ore 10.00 Arrival at St. Francis of Assisi Church

ore 8.15
Q8 petrol station – Via Nazionale
gathering 1° troop of knights to take the General

ore 8.30-13.00
Tour through the city streets
Musical Concert Big Wind Orchestra City of Grottole (MT) Director Filippo Carretta

ore 9.00
Palazzo Lanfranchi
Dressing-General of the Knights
Angelo Raffaele Tataranni

ore 10.20
Piazza Vittorio Veneto
Procession of the Knights and the General Palazzo Lanfranchi in Piazza Vittorio Veneto where the General assumes command of Cavalvata

ore 10.50
Church of St. Francis of Assisi
Solemn Eucharistic Celebration presided by S.It is. Mons. Salvatore Ligorio and concelebrated by the Diocesan Presbytery

ore 12.30
Transfer of the sacred image of Our Lady. Bruna, escorted by the Knights from the Church of St. Francis of Assisi to the Church of Maria SS. Annunziata (Rione Piccianello)

ore 17.00
Maria SS. Annunziata
Celebration of Holy Mass.
After transfer of the sacred image to the square of the wagon and placement on the Triumphal Chariot

ore 18.00
Via Nazionale (corner Via Manzoni)
Meet the Knights

ore 18.30
St. Francis of Assisi
Accompaniment by the Knights of the Church of Maria SS. Annunziata S. And. Archbishop Salvatore Ligorio and Clergy

ore 20.00
Solemn Procession of Mary. Brunette on the Triumphal Chariot, S.It is chaired by. Mons. Salvatore Ligorio and owned by the Cathedral Chapter, Clergy from Citizen, the Executive Committee and by the Authorities, with the characteristic Ride.

ore 18.30-24.00
Piazza Vittorio Veneto
Orchestral Service Great Wind Orchestra – Grottole City

ore 22.00
St. Francis of Assisi
Ritual of the "Three laps of the triumphal chariot” and repose of the sacred image of Our Lady. Bruna in the Church of St. Francis of Assisi

ore 22.30
Delivery of Triumphal Chariot to people for ritual "STRAZZO” Piazza Vittorio Veneto

ore 24.00
Murgia Timone
Fireworks Company Pyrotechnics Santa Chiara – Castorano (You)

For more information about the Festa della Bruna 2015

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